July 5, 2014

A lot has happened since the winter time.  Between balancing a new job and writing; L. E. Klein's second book is only a week or two away from being published with CreateSpace.  It will be guest illustrator Donna Doyle's first appearance in a Children's book!  Stay tuned for updates and links!

January 10, 2014

A very special friend of the website, Patrick Russell, is in need of help.  He is being forced out of his home in the middle of winter in Granville. WV.  Any assistance to help him with moving and/or helping him find a rental that is pet-friendly would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact him through the link:  http://www.gofundme.com/60q254

September 20, 2013

The Horse Who Could Do Anything made the front page of the Wapakoneta Daily News!  Her is the link in case you missed it:  Author Spreads Message of Horse's Strength

I will be making another surprise appearance at Lickdale  Elementary next week!  Who's class will it be this time?

September 4, 2013

Please Check out the new book link for a very good friend of mine, Mrs. Janice Blake-Baeza.  Her book is now available on Amazon. How To Exercise a Thoroughbred Racehorse  It's great for anyone interested in a career in racing and horse lovers alike! 

September 1, 2013

The Horse Who Could Do Anything
has received 3 Five Star Reviews on Amazon!  I personally want to thank everyone for taking the time to leave such positive feedback.  I am very grateful for all of the support the book is receiving.  Thank you so much.

July 14, 2013

Dear Readers and Fans,

A very special thank you to Ms. Carol Ann Cook, Bruce and Wendy Burroughs and Mr. Joe Nyiri for purchasing multiple copies of the book to donate to their local schools!

I will be heading out to California to visit family and friends from the original Flying Hooves Riding Club.  Look for updates and photos from the trip!  I cannot wait to see everyone!

June 2013

Dear Readers and Fans,

Thank you for your patience during the revision process.  I apologize for some small errors that were in the book and needed to be corrected.   I felt somewhat rushed to publish the book because I was coping with the health issues my father, and felt some urgency in getting the book to print, so that he would be able to enjoy it should things take a bad turn.

Fortunately he is doing better and feels well enough to help make corrections and it is with his input that the revisions were made.

Thank you Dad for serving our country, staying strong and believing in me.


Thank  you to Horseloverz for their support and sharing!

A Horse Named Soler is now on Facebook
Welcome to the site for the progressive reading series, The Horse Who Could Do Anything.  The story is about a retired thoroughbred racehorse named Consoler and his lifetime of adventures.  The story is available in three reading levels to encourage repetitive reading with a familiar subject to help readers move up to stronger material and vocabulary.  It is currently available in the Young Reader Edition, with the Intermediate and Chapter Editions still in editing.

This site has pages dedicated to an illustration and photo gallery of Soler in action over the years, about the author, email contact and links.

A Horse Named Soler
Official Site for:  The Horse Who Could Do Anything

Home Page

 About the Author

L.E. Klein dreamed of riding horses since she was a little girl.  The daughter of a Naval pilot and school librarian, she was born in Albany, GA and grew up in San Diego, CA.  She w
as fascinated with horse racing and show jumping and dreamed of retraining a racehorse to ride in the Olympics.  Growing up she enjoyed reading books by Walter Farley, Marguerite Henry  Anna Sewell and any books related to horses and their care. 

At seven years old she had her first riding lesson with Gerry Donnelly; who helped the family search for a suitable horse after five years of lessons.  She had a short list of horses to try and Gerry supported leasing a horse named Magnum, when he seemed to be a good match.  After taking care of Magnum for several months and having him fail a pre-purchase exam Laura was heartbroken.  The next horse Gerry introduced her to was Consoler, who turned out to be everything she imagined and he healed her broken heart.  They won several year-end awards showing at Sweetwater, Ramona, Show Park, Camp Pendleton and Miramar.  

While away at college Laura went to qualify for Intercollegiate Regionals under the late A.J. Coyle and David and Laurie Meacham.  She stayed on the east coast and taught in Greenwich, CT, New York and New Jersey.  In 2000 her dreams came true when she rode in her first sanctioned horse race at Monmouth Park for trainer Glenn Thompson. 

Ms. Klein resides on a small farm in Pennsylvania with her family and their pets.  She credits her parents for encouraging her to “dream big” and their fond memories of Soler as an inspiration to write this book.  Drawings horses has always been a hobby for her and it was her mother's encouragement and her daughter's interest in art as the inspiration to illustrate the book herself. She is currently working on the two related books in the series and a racetrack themed series of books for adult readers.